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Mission Statement provide the finest traditional and contemporary educational opportunities possible in a conservative atmosphere with a devotion to Christian principles...

School Philosophy

Learning experiences are provided which lead students to self-understanding, to a widening knowledge of the society in which they live, and to constructive membership in the world community. If students are to live responsible and satisfying lives, they must acquire values that give meaning and direction. Crisp Academy believes that the Christian tradition provides the richest source for these values and should constitute a fundamental part of the student's day. 


The faculty, staff, administration, parents, and the school community of Crisp Academy will build an educational foundation to ensure our students' success through these beliefs:

  • We believe an education should be based on Christian principles.
  • We believe character building and personality development to be of prime importance in the process of academic achievement.
  • We believe in the practice of complete honesty with others and ourselves.
  • We believe in always helping others when it is honorable.
  • We believe in dedicated loyalty to our constitutional heritage.
  • We believe in individual responsibility and individual accountability.