Crisp Academy

Literary Team

Crisp Academy has a thriving literary program with a history of excellence.  Each year the school participates in GISA competitions.  The one-act play competition is held in the fall and exposes students to all aspects of drama - performance, staging, directing, set and costume design, and make-up.  Debate begins in the fall as well.  As a member of the National Forensics League, Crisp Academy participates in several invitational tournaments throughout the year as well as the region and state tournaments held in January.  The debate format follows the traditional rules of policy debate.  Debate teaches students about National and International issues while enhancing vocabulary, critical thinking, organization, and speaking skills.  Students can also compete in the spring literary meet which includes contests in oral interpretation (dramatic reading) extemporaneous speaking, argumentative and personal essay, spelling, piano solo, girls' trio, and boys' quartet.  Students in grades 8-12 who meet eligibility requirements may participate in any literary event.

Crisp Academy has won numerous region and state championships in both individual and team events and has twice been recognized for outstanding achievement by the Georgia legislature.  Participation in the literary program allows students to develop and showcase their talents, to interact with students from other GISA schools and to develop a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Beta Club and Junior Beta Club

The National Beta Club promotes character, develops leadership skills, encourages service involvement, recognizes achievement, and provides technological advantages to students in grades 6 - 12.

All members must be performing on or above grade level.  Specific academic requirements for membership are not established at the national level since systems of grading and merit-determination vary in different schools.  At no time shall membership in the National Beta Club make it incumbent upon a member to alter his or her religious or political ideas or affiliations.

Membership is a privilege.  The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be (a) worthy, moral, and ethical character, (b) good mentality, (c) creditable achievement, and (d)commendable attitude.  The standards and means for appraising these qualities shall be determined by the administration of the school where the club is located.


4-H and Junior 4-H

4-H is the youth education branch of the Cooperative Extension Service, a program of the United States Department of Agriculture.  Each state and each county has access to a County Extension office for both youth and adult programs.  4-H focuses on the personal growth of the club member. Life skills development is built into 4-H projects, activities, and events to help youth become contributing, productive, self-directed members of society. Membership in 4-H is a privilege and is open to students in good standing in grades 5-12.

CHAMPS Program

CHAMPS (Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety) is a collaborative effort by CHAMPS certified law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and community to offer an educational program in the classroom to prevent or reduce drug abuse and violence among children and youth.  The emphasis of CHAMPS is to help students recognize and resist the many direct and subtle pressures that influence them to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, or other drugs or to engage in violence.

The CHAMPS program offers preventive strategies to enhance those protective factors - especially bonding to the family, school, and community - which appears to foster the development of resiliency in young people who may be at risk for substance abuse or other problem behaviors.  These strategies focus on the development of social competence, communication skills, self-esteem, empathy, decision making, conflict resolution, sense of purpose and independence, and positive alternative activities to drug abuse and other destructive behaviors. Type your paragraph here.


The yearbook staff consists of student volunteers interested in planning, coordinating, designing, and publishing the Crisp Academy yearbook Cat Tales.  Membership on the staff is open to students in grades 8-12 who are in good standing and exhibit trustworthiness and an ability to work independently.

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